About the CCS & CLTS Dual Program

The CCS & CLTS dually enrolled program is a community-based and recovery-oriented program that helps children with disabilities under the age of 22 and their caregivers through supports and service coordination that help children grow and live their best lives. Service facilitation includes partnering with an enrolled participant and family, helping to guide the team by coordinating services, and making appropriate service linkages to assist the person/family in meeting the stated goals.


When you enroll in CCS & CLTS, you work with a team to support your need. The team includes:

  • Your child.
  • Your family (parents, caregivers) and others you want to be involved.
  • Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS).
  • The county health and human services agency near you.
  • A RISE Service Coordinator.

The team helps you apply for and get the right supports and services.
Everyone works to support your child with their needs. 

    Eligibility Criteria & Referrals

    The child living in your care must:

    • Currently a Dane County resident
    • Reside in a setting allowed by CLTS Waiver Program policy (Home, Foster Home) 
    • Eligible for Medical Assistance BadgerCare, or another Medicaid program. 
    • Be under the age of 22 years old.  
    • Have a diagnosis for mental health, developmental, physical or substance use. 
    • Functional limitation in one or more major life activities caused by mental health, developmental, physical or substance use issues as measured by the state screen. 
    • Need for psychosocial rehabilitation services. 
    • Meet an institutional level of care (LOC), as determined by the Functional Eligibility Screen for Children’s Long-Term Support Programs.   

    Parents or caregivers who are interested in learning more about CCS & CLTS or making a self-referral should contact Dane County Central Intake at (608) 242 – 6415 and inform their team of your CCS request.  A CCS intake worker will gather information, determine if an individual is eligible, and arrange an intake with the preferred CCS and/or CLTS Agency if deemed eligible.


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