About Therapeutic Services Team

The Therapeutic Services Team at RISE provides mental health counseling, crisis stabilization, and in-home support to youth, parents, and young adults enrolled in RISE programs. In addition to serving RISE program participants, the Therapeutic Services Team may also work with private insurance companies and HMOs to provide community-based and in-home mental health counseling and crisis stabilization services to individuals and families.

The Therapeutic Services Team is comprised of Masters’ level clinicians, many of whom are clinically licensed. The team uses a family systems model of care, which means that the Community-Based Clinicians will be actively working with parents and guardians alongside the child(ren) to best meet the needs of the child and family. The input and participation of parents and caregivers is imperative to success. The Therapeutic Services Team strives to provide trauma-informed, strengths-based, and individualized care and support.

Services We Provide

CCF Hospital Diversion

CCF Hospital Diversion services use a 90 day model of crisis stabilization and hospital diversion services to children and families enrolled in the Children Come First program. Hospital Diversion services offer intensive in-home crisis stabilization, safety planning, care coordination, parent support and behavior management. Learn more about Children Come First Hospital Diversion.


CCF Stabilization Services

CCF Stabilization services are available to youth and families currently enrolled in the Children Come First- Wraparound or Family Support program(s) and the Children Come First ARTT unit who are at risk of out-of-home placement or hospitalization. CCF Stabilization services provide short term, goal focused interventions and supports in the home with the primary goal to support a child and family with maintaining placement in the home and community. Referrals for CCF Stabilization services should come from the child’s current CCF Care Coordinator.

Crisis Stabilization & Diversion Services

Crisis Stabilization & Diversion services provide in-home crisis stabilization services to families with commercial or private insurance and who have a child or young adult at risk of psychiatric hospitalization, or need intensive post-hospitalization services to assist in the transition back to home, school, and the community. Contact the Therapeutic Services Team Program Supervisor to see if your insurance will cover Crisis Stabilization & Diversion services, or to learn more.

To make a Crisis Stabilization and Diversion Services (private insurance or private pay) referral call 608-210-0127.

CCS Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy services are available to any youth or adult currently enrolled in Dane County’s Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) program. CCS Psychotherapy services may be provided in the home or in an office-based setting, and at days and times that are convenient for you. The Therapeutic Services Team uses a person-centered, strengths-based approach to mental health care and wellness. Referrals for CCS Psychotherapy at RISE should come from the CCS Service Facilitator.

To make a CCS Psychotherapy/Psychoeducation referral submit Referral Online.

To learn more about the Therapeutic Services Team contact the Therapeutic Services Team Program Supervisor, Sarah Chodorow, at 608-210-0127.
If you are currently enrolled in services with another program at RISE, talk with your coordinator or facilitator about your interest in therapeutic services at RISE.

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