Court Ordered Evaluations

The Court Ordered Evaluation (COE) program serves Dane County Courts in managing various types of court ordered evaluations for individuals under the following Wisconsin Statutes:

  • Juvenile Justice Code 938.295
  • Children’s Code 48.295
  • Emergency Detention 51.15 & Involuntary Commitment for Treatment 51.20
  • Adult Guardianship 54 & 55

The COE program aims to create a more integrated process of evaluations that result in tangible and realistic recommendations that better serve the court system, individuals and families involved in the court process, and our community. The COE program manages a diverse network of qualified providers including Master’s level clinicians, Licensed Psychologists, and Licensed Psychiatrists to provide objective assessments and evaluations to the courts for purposes of treatment planning and placement decisions.

If you or your child have been ordered by a judge to participate in an evaluation and you have questions about the process, please contact us at 608-250-6634.


View the COE program brochure in English here.

Becoming an Evaluator

If you would like to learn more about the COE program and WI statutes that we provide evaluations for, please contact the COE Program Coordinator, Robin Gray.

For more information on required provider credentials and the different evaluation types in COE, click here.


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