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RISE Wisconsin was established as the result of a 2017 merger between Community Partnerships and Center for Families. Since the merge, staff have been operating from two main locations. In early 2021, RISE launched a renovation our Fordem Avenue building to locate its entire staff team and programs in one facility as part of the final step of the merger.  Now that the project has been completed, RISE has been able to deliver significant benefits for participants and the Dane County community. We want families to feel like they are a part of the family when they walk through the doors.


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Having a centralized location is crucial for our participants because it will:

  • create better integration of RISE’s early childhood home visiting, early literacy, crisis respite and mental health programs
  • Increase staff consultation and collaboration
  • Allow for smoother transitions and referrals across programs
  • Create a space that is a more welcoming experience for participants overall
  • The Fordem Avenue building is close to many community partners and resources


When families come to RISE they will be welcomed in a safe space. We want families to feel that they a part of the RISE family and that they feel welcomed during their time of need.




“It is my pleasure to support RISE’s Fordem Avenue building remodel because, bottom line, it will benefit Dane County families. RISE has a proven track record of providing strong and impactful early childhood programs, mental health support, and holistic family services. An updated facility will enhance and improve upon existing service delivery. In our work at The Road Home, we know it is common for families (who often lack their own vehicles) to have to travel to multiple locations, sometimes in the same day, to access needed programs and support. Any co-location of programming is a major benefit to families and ensures not just less logistical hurdles, but overall, creates a more comprehensive, compassionate, and coordinated approach to helping families meet their goals. I look forward to RISE’s more coordinated approach, and believe families will too. I fully support this campaign and encourage the community to “RISE to the Occasion” to help make this possibility a reality. “- Kristin Rucinski, Former Executive Director, The Road Home


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