The past few years have been years of incredible growth for Community Partnerships’ programs and with growth comes change. We are excited to announce that effective January 2016, our Dewey Ct. direct-care programs (Children Come First-CCF and Transition to Independence- TIP) are moving to a centralized intake model for referrals and eligibility screenings.  It’s very simple. If you’re interested in accessing one of the above named programs, just call (608) 260-6634 ext. 205 to speak with a Referral Specialist. The Referral Specialist will screen you for the program that seems to best fit your needs and will talk with you about next steps.

We are confident that this shift will mean a more streamlined, consistent, and customer-service focused approach to accessing some of our direct-care programs. It should also make the process easier to remember for the many referral sources we coordinate with in the community.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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