The term “self-care” has become a buzzword in our culture. With mental health topics dominating conversations nationwide, more and more people are realizing the value of self-care. While making yourself a priority may have been considered selfish in the past, it is now seen as essential. Taking a mental break and giving yourself an opportunity to recharge can go a long way in maintaining your health. So give yourself a boost, follow these six steps, and take care of yourself!

  1. Give yourself quick, but effective breaks during the day. Take five minutes to read a blog you enjoy, schedule ten minutes to meditate, or dedicate half-an-hour to a bubble bath. Find activities you enjoy and make them part of your daily routine. While ten minutes may not feel like much, these breaks will make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle your next task.
  2. Manage your expectations. You cannot do it all, and that is okay. Understand the difference between excellence and perfection, and make your peace with it.
  3. Listen to your body. When you are feeling tired, take time to rest. When you are feeling overwhelmed, lighten your load. When you are feeling sad, watch your favorite movie. You have needs too, and it’s okay to listen to them.
  4. Take care of yourself physically. Make nutrition a priority, and find time to exercise. Fueling your body with healthy food and pumping endorphins into your system will leave you feeling energized. Plus, you will feel accomplished when you start reaching your goals.
  5. Surround yourself with a strong support system. Find people who understand you and are consistently in your corner. Make time to develop those relationships and block out time for loved ones. Spending time with people who support you will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face new challenges.
  6. Celebrate your successes! You are your own biggest critic and sometimes this comes in the way of appreciating your accomplishments. Next time you succeed, whether big or small, take a moment to recognize the moment. You deserve to be celebrated!

While self-care may not always be convenient, the benefits to your health are invaluable. Make a conscious effort to take time for yourself this week and start witnessing the effects!

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