For many, being diagnosed with a rare disease would be devastating. For Sara Johnson, of Faye Photography, a diagnosis inspired her to pursue her dreams. When she found out that she had CADASIL, a rare brain disease, Sara made it her mission to live her life to the fullest. Now, she operates her own photography business and will be capturing every moment at this year’s Circle of Hope!

CADASIL can cause migraines, TIAs, fatigue, cognitive loss, seizures, strokes, and even dementia. According to Sara, dementia was the side effect that terrified her the most. She feared that one day, she would not remember her life. So, Sara took her passion for photography and made it her business to capture her own life, as well as the lives of her clients.

Sara’s love for photography began when she was a child. She used her resources and got creative. Blankets served as backdrops and her sisters were her models. Her passion for art and photography continued to grow, and in high school she was the president of the Art Club.

Currently, she serves as a Registered Nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital. While she enjoys being a nurse, Sara hopes to grow her business in the future. She has found photography to be relaxing, and she truly finds joy in capturing memories. Sara strives to see the smiles and the tears of happiness that come from the photos captured in a session from Faye Photography.

Sara says, “Everyone should have the opportunity to remember their life, live their life, share it and see it. This is what I enjoy, helping them, learning about their lives, hearing their stories, and providing a way for them to leave their legacy for everyone to see, read and hold it with them for a life time.”

RISE cannot wait for Sara to capture Circle of Hope, and to see the event through her lens!

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