It’s official- we merged with Center for Families on April 1st, 2017! So where are the balloons and confetti? We’re waiting until Circle of Hope on May 19th to really celebrate and announce our merger details and new identity as one organization. Until then, you will see Center for Families and Community Partnerships continue to use our separate names and contact information. Over the next several weeks we will be working hard to re-brand all the necessary parts to our organizations and finalize all of the behind the scenes details. We can’t wait to celebrate at Circle of Hope! Until then, we’ve had a bit of fun with re-branding and the growing curiosity around it all. While our April 1st official merge date was a bit anticlimactic in terms of parties and celebrations, we did have some fun with the fact that April 1st was also April Fools Day.

Check out the “logo” we sent to staff on Saturday as a “surprise sneak peek at our new logo.” Don’t worry, it was just an APRIL FOOLS joke! 


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