If you received our recent annual appeal letter, then you read that Community Partnerships is currently in the process of merging with another local non-profit, Center for Families, on 4/1/2017. This opportunity brings growth and enrichment for both organizations, as well as for our community. Through this merger, Community Partnerships and Center for Families will serve over 6,800 children, families, and individuals combined annually. Our programs and services will provide support, connection, education, and stabilization to some of those with the highest needs in our community that experience mental health and health crises, poverty, homelessness, children that are not succeeding academically, and much more.

This merger will offer increased support and infrastructure across programs so that we are able to reach more families, children, and individuals each year and provide a broader and more comprehensive array of strengths-based, individualized services with an integrated approach. While this is an exciting next step for the future of both organizations and our community, there is still much work to be done to prepare. We look forward to keeping you informed and updated on next steps in the coming months.

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