New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and while some will be going out to celebrate, there are others who prefer to stay close to home. If you find yourself in the second group, and you are planning to spend the holiday with your kids, you will need some activities to make the evening memorable. Read on for family-friendly ways to ring in 2019!

1.) Create a Countdown: Keep the anticipation high by creating an hourly countdown! Label balloons with each hour leading up to midnight and hang them in your house. Place a slip of paper describing a special activity in each balloon, and have the kids pop the balloon as each hour passes. Once they pop the balloon, the activity will be revealed to them. You can then do these activities until the time comes to pop the next balloon. Some activities to consider are decorating cupcakes, making slime, or lighting sparklers. Find things that your kids are interested in and keep the fun going all night long!

2.) Grab a Prop, Strike a Pose: Capture memories with a fun photo booth. Create a background and find silly props for updated family photos! The kids will have a blast posing for the funny pictures, and you will love having a souvenir from the night!

3.) Make a Time Capsule: Make sure you remember this year by creating a time capsule with your kids. Have your kids complete the time capsule questionnaire from Pretty Providence and then tuck it away for the year. Each year you can review their answers and see how much has changed!

4.) Toast the New Year: Have the kids join the fun and toast the new year with a glass of milk and a cookie! Make it even more special and serve the milk in a plastic champagne glass.

5.) Celebrate with Confetti: Let the kids create a mess and celebrate with confetti and noisemakers. Five minutes before midnight, give each child a bag of confetti and a noisemaker. Once the ball drops, let them throw their confetti and use the noisemaker. They will love having their own way to ring in the new year!

Whether you celebrate with going out or an evening at home, we hope you have a happy new year!

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