Winter temperatures have arrived, Daylight Savings is in effect, and your mood has taken a tumble. Facing the winter months can be daunting. Sunlight is in short supply, and each day feels colder than the last. Thankfully, overcoming the winter blues is not impossible. Read on for our advice on boosting your mood and embracing this challenging season!

1.) Make Sunlight a Priority
Keep your blinds open, take a lunchtime stroll, or watch the sunrise. Make a concerted effort to get your Vitamin D. If you still feel you are not getting enough, consider trying light therapy, which is said to be extremely effective.

2.) Take Advantage of Time Indoors
Freezing temperatures and excessive snowfall may keep your trapped inside. Inside of letting these circumstances bring you down, try embracing your time indoors. Curl up with the book you have been meaning to read or give yourself a pass to binge-watch your favorite series.

3.) Embrace Winter Activities
While winter may not be your favorite season, there may be some activities you find you enjoy. Spend an afternoon sledding, take a trip to a ski hill, or build a snowman. Find an activity that allows you to enjoy the winter and get additional sunlight.

4.) Take a Break
Break away from your typical routine. Escape to warmer weather (if that’s feasible for you), or try a stay-cation. Deviating from your normal routine may just be the change of pace you need to boost your mood.

5.) Treat Yourself
Sometimes a small reward goes a long way in improving your mood. Give yourself some credit, you are surviving winter after all! Buy the overpriced Starbucks drink, see the movie with your friends, eat the chocolate brownie. Allow yourself some leeway this season. You’ve earned it!

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