Through mergers history can get lost, and it is our desire to celebrate the rich history that has formed RISE. In September RISE celebrated the 40-year anniversary of the Respite Center. The Respite Center was one of the original agencies, along with Parental Stress Center, Family Enhancement and Exchange Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse, that purchased, renovated and co-located in the renovated DEMCO building at 2120 Fordem Avenue in June of 1989. In 2005 the four agencies completed a capital campaign to renovate and add on to the Fordem Ave. building. They next completed a merger to form the Center for Families in 2011, bringing together three of the four original agencies: the Respite Center, Family Enhancement and Exchange Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse. After 40 years and so many changes, the Respite Center remains as a program of RISE.

On the other side of the RISE merger, Community Partnerships was formed in January 2000 and would be celebrating its 20-year anniversary in 2020. Community Partnerships began by providing child and adolescent mental health wraparound services with the Children Come First (CCF) program. CCF was the only program offered until some small growth in 2008 and 2010. A period of more rapid growth began in 2013 with expansion into young adult mental health, court ordered evaluations and early childhood home visiting, which ultimately led to the merger in April of 2017.

Although we are now RISE, it is important to celebrate anniversaries. So, help us celebrate what would have been Community Partnership’s 20th Anniversary. And, keep an eye open for an upcoming blog on what will be new and exciting for us in 2020.

Happy New Year!

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