Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Advance the wellness of children, individuals, and families by providing early childhood and mental health services to help community and family thrive.

Our Vision

RISE will be a leader in wraparound services for early childhood, mental health, and wellness. We will jointly shape expectations alongside participants while framing equitable partnerships throughout the region. We will be regarded for our stewardship of resources and success in nurturing an inclusive and caring environment for participants and staff alike.

Our Values

Equity and Inclusion
Intentional, insightful and profound service cannot be done without acknowledging, addressing, and countering the absence of inclusion and equity in our community. We will challenge our own beliefs and behaviors around cultural humility and biases in order to provide culturally responsive services to communities, individuals, and partners.

People are most successful in achieving their goals when all systems are working together. We strive to create environments in which people can both exchange ideas and create solutions. We believe in working as a partner with participants, colleagues, and the larger community to become more effective. This spirit extends to our governance processes by which the Board of Directors and staff work in partnership with each other and with community stakeholders to advance our mission. It also infuses the commitment to teamwork in our work environment.

We believe in partnering with people to develop their abilities. We foster a love of learning and a mindset by which challenges are viewed as opportunities to improve learning and build skills. We also respect that beliefs, values, preferences, and strengths are relationally acquired and may change over time such that we must adapt the work we do and how we approach each other.

We believe in the power of applying imagination and creativity to help find solutions to problems and to help people deal well with new or difficult situations. We strive to maximize available resources and use informal community supports to advance success. Our work focuses on partnering with participants and staff to find and leverage resources to cultivate their skills.

We are motivated to help others by offering hope and support during challenging times. We offer trauma-informed care, and our approach is culturally informed. We respect the unique needs and abilities of every individual and seek to leverage the strengths and assets of each person.


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