ECI Program Information

ECI is an innovative, comprehensive and neighborhood-based home visiting program.  We are focused on providing support that is truly meaningful, accessible and helpful to families.  Each family is assigned their own Family Support  Specialist (FSS).  The FSS will come to your home or another convenient location to meet with you every week at a time that fits your schedule.  What we do during our time together is dependent on your goals and hopes for your family.

Some of the things that we typically focus on include:

  • Finding a job or getting more education (completing GED/Diploma, attending technical training or college).
  • Learning about your baby’s health , behavior and development.
  • How your upbringing and childhood experiences impact your relationship with your child/children.
  • Connecting to housing, food, child care and other resources.
  • Getting along with important people in your life.
  • Feeling good emotionally and physically.
  • Opportunities to meet other parents and socialize.
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