CCF Wraparound

Children enrolled in CCF Wraparound have met the CCF program eligibility criteria and are considered to be at risk of institutional level placement (psychiatric hospitalization, residential care center, or corrections).  CCF Wraparound offers intensive, wraparound care coordination for up to 18 months, based on the established and continued need for this level of care.  CCF Care Coordinators work with children and their family to develop a team of professional and natural supports to achieve the following:

  • Create a Plan of Care that identifies a child’s areas of need and services and supports that will help meet those needs
  • Create a Crisis Plan
  • Authorize mental health services
  • Coordinate resources and community supports

Each enrollee’s team meets at least once per month to review the child’s Plan of Care, progress towards goals, and current services.

Visit our Eligibility Criteria & Referrals page for more details.







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