CCF Eligibility Criteria & Referrals

Children Come First is an intensive care coordination program that works to keep children with mental health needs in their homes and communities.  Because of the intensity and unique nature of our program, children do not typically qualify for Children Come First enrollment unless they have already received some traditional mental  health services in their community and their needs have not been met by most services and supports that have been tried.

All three CCF sub-programs share the following eligibility criteria:

    • Child must be MA eligible (Medicaid, Medical Assistance, Badger Care recipient).
    • Child must be a Dane County resident, ages 0-19.
    • Child must have a DSM mental health diagnosis given by a psychiatrist or psychologist, with the child’s symptoms being evident for at least 6 months and expected to persist for a year or longer.
    • Child must have current emotional/behavioral problems that are putting him/her at imminent risk of an out of home placement, as determined by the Administrative Review Board (ARB).
    • Child must have involvement with 2 or more of the following systems:  mental health services, social services, special education, Child Protective Services, Juvenile Justice System.
    • Child must have functional impairment in at least 2 of the following capacities: self-care, community, social relationships, family, school.

To make a referral to the CCF program:

If your family currently has an open case with Dane County Human Services and you are interested in Children Come First services, talk with your social worker about making a referral to the CCF program.

If your family does not currently have an open case with Dane County Human Services and you think that your child would benefit from Children Come First services, please contact one of our Referral Specialists at 608-250-6634 ext. 205.


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